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The Indian Association of Health and Fitness promotes and integrates scientific research in health and exercise to maintain and enhance human performance, physical fitness, health and quality of life for all.

The very survival of our nation is dependent upon this strength, health and well being of our citizens. Healthy and fit citizens are a nation’s biggest asset and week ones are liability. It is most essential to improve the quality of human resource, for building up the strong and vital nation for winning this distinction in all fields including sports.

The Indian association of health and fitness, formed in the year 2000, is a non- profit and voluntarily organization, of professional, working in health, physical education and allied fields. IAHF aims to bring awareness about health and fitness among the society and, further it is committed to improve general health, human performance and share the knowledge nation wide to help people live an active life. It provides an effective platform at the national level for an interaction among the multi disciplinary personal working for the betterment of the individual and the society. It’s motto is helping people live healthy and active life.

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