Promoting Our Event

The International Day of the Girl is an incredible opportunity to create worldwide awareness about the importance of educating girls. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the word out!

1. Spread the word to your personal networks

  • Personal invitations and letters work best.
  1. Make sure to add your own personal touch. Tell people why this issue matters to you.
  2. Remember that people respond best to messages from the heart.

2. Paper your community

  • Print out posters and post them in popular local spots - think cafés, parks, libraries, and shops. This is a great way not only to capture attention for your event, but also to let community members know there are other people who are passionate about this issue. That’s powerful.
  • Share on social media. Share your event’s details on social media channels : Tweet about it, make a Facebook event, post a photo of your invite onto Instagram, or create a video promo, Vine it and upload it onto Youtube.

3. Get the media involved

  • Issue a local press release.
  • Make sure to call or email the right editor to peak their interest.
  • Take advantage of many forms of media. Print, radio and television are all powerful tools.

4. Get other people involved

  • Start by encouraging other highly passionate people to spread the word, and watch awareness and action spread.
  • If you get 10 friends to tell their friends, that’s already 11 people supporting the cause. Imagine the ripple effect when each of your friends recruits 10 of their own friends!
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