Tips for Fundraising


66 million girls are out of school globally.

One of the best ways you can make a meaningful impact is by raising awareness and funding for the organizations that provide life-changing services to girls around the world everyday.  

A fundraising event does both.

On International Day of the Girl, do something you enjoy – and help girls’ education programs at the same time. Here are a few ideas.

Make your event a fundraiser
When inviting a local guest expert to speak, selling tickets to your event is an easy way to generate donations.

Let everyone know that buying a ticket helps girls!  You can also collect donations or distribute pledge cards during the event. It’s always best to tell a compelling story about why girls’ education is important, and how their gift will make a difference. And, one more tip: asking for contributions in the moment leads to the best outcome.

Sell something
Another way to raise awareness AND raise money is to get your community decked out in movement gear!

We can design our own special t-shirt or accessory with our favorite girl-power quote or image. People love to wear their support!

You can also go old school – organize a bake sale or lemonade stand or garage sale or make friendship bracelets or paint rocks or....

Get creative!

Dress up and celebrate
Have you been looking for a reason to get dressed up? Do you know people in your community who might want to donate goods or services for a good cause? Do you have a friend who is an amazing musician? Why not create a dinner party, or charity auction, or music concert that celebrates girls?  Reach out to your most energetic friends and ask them to help you plan. You will all have fun while giving the gift of education to girls around the world.

Get active
Have you been thinking of running a 5K? Or swimming across the English Channel? If you have a fitness goal you want to hit, why not make it a fundraiser? Even an unofficial group run, timed to the International Day of the Girl, can be transformed into a fundraiser. Just ask friends and family to pledge for each kilometer you cover, and you’ll be on your way!

Do the unexpected
There are no restrictions. Do something you love, that both you and your friends will enjoy and the rewards will be two-fold – you will have a wonderful time and you will make a difference.

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