What is International Day of Girl?

International Day of the Girl, is an official “observance” of the United Nations, (a day declared to promote awareness of and action on a particular social issue).

In December 2011, the General Assembly chose October 11 to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges they face.


October 11, 2013 - A New Focus

The 2nd annual International Day of the Girl has a new theme – and it couldn’t align more perfectly with ‘We for WE’ goals. The UN chose Innovating for Girls’ Education, calling for fresh, creative ideas, not just in technology, but in “partnerships, policies… and, most of all, the engagement of young people themselves.”

'We for WE' & International Day of the Girl

At the global campaign, we believe the time is ripe for that of innovation, and that we'll see global evidence of it on International Day of Girl. By supporting and celebrating the Day worldwide, the campaign will transform into movement worldwide with global visibility.

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