He is a law enforcement professional  whose humble journey of  health and fitness in 2000 had slowly graduated  from observing the Human Rights thereafter into fostering an understanding that all Human Rights are Gender Rights. His local servitude to promote “be healthy, think healthy” campaign  has finally matured  and culminated into  a mass movement and a global campaign "We for WE"

Mr. Sarbjit, journey hence from a research and development wing to a global mass-movement is worth accolades and depicts a sheer will of ultimately facing solace in  women empowerment agenda. He believes that empowering a woman is equivalent to empowering half the world’s population since women and children compromise to an approximate of near half of the world’s global population.

He is affirmative that women is the cementing factor in a society, works extremely hard and yet suffers from womb to tomb. Having hailed from a state of Punjab which has been a witness of maximum cases of sex-selective terminations of pregnancies, he is extremely gender sensitive and extends his concern and energy to eradicating issues that plague the women today.

He believes that issues of women are similar sans frontier and have to be addressed irrespective of nationalities. He hence converged with the Health and Fitness Industry and raised a many Goodwill Ambassadors who work for the cause of Women Empowerment with tremendous motivation and zeal. Mr.Sarbjit is a visionary and an exemplary service person who has been ceaselessly working towards the cause of serving the vulnerable, destitute and most needy who more or less in all areas of the world happen to be women and children either through man made or natural disasters.

He well understands that if a women is empowered, a nation is empowered and likewise if a woman finds peace in a family, she becomes and emissary of peace in the immediate locality, society and her nation as well.Mr.Sarbjit has brought out many academic contributions which includes the bringing out of an International Journal  which also looks into the health and fitness of women through special editions.

Mr.Sarbjit has been successful in launching Global Campaigns on special events like International Day of the Girl Child, International Women’s Day etc.

He is at present focusing on addressing the issues of women with a focus on their safety, socio-economic  empowerment and livelihood generation. He with his immaculate team of experts ranging from all sections of the society and especially from the  domain of health and fitness has been an exemplary, great team player, a visionary and finally a great human being.

In this regard, the flame of We for Women Empowerment Campaign has set ablaze the zeal and commitment for the cause of Women Empowerment in more than a dozen countries and more.Mr.Sarbjit is not only a change agent, he is a catalyst enough to set the world mull over the basic solutions and realities of life through women empowerment.

Core Strengths :

Law Enforcement, Health& Fitness, Academic Association Building and IEC material generation, Organizing Events/Conferences of  international standards concerning issues related to gender, women empowerment etc. , Human Rights and Gender Rights, Awareness Generation and Advocacy through International to local campaigns for saving the girl child and forging strategic partnerships and planning towards addressing issues and challenges being faced by the women today.

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