Objectives of 'We for WE'

The core objectives of 'We for WE Campaign' are to:

  • Facilitate access, delivery mechanisms and services of government schemes and programmes for women and girl children though information dissemination by creative and formal activities such as organizing camps, awareness generation events and through mass-media campaigns.
  • Inculcate knowledge empowerment by 360 degree approach by forming women collectives of women professionals and thematic groups.
  • Facilitate and influence to develop safe and public spaces for women both in rural and urban areas by ensuring effective
  • Organize events for awareness generation on women empowerment and information dissemination though education and communication by all modes namely electronic, print and other available modes and techniques of mass media.
  • Foster strategic communication and arrange scientific meetings, seminar workshops, conference, orientation / refresher course among persons actively engaged in teaching and research of health & exercise science etc. for women empowerment
  • Generate awareness to improve the maternal health through physical, mental and emotional fitness through regarding nutrition and dietary habits for healthy and maternity.
  • Develop a resource repository for techniques of women empowerment such as collect, compile & publish material on topics related to socio-economic and political empowerment of women.
  • Technically assist government by in forming and framing strong women policies in all countries.
  • Establish free legal aid mechanisms for vulnerable and marginalized women in crisis, distress and in difficult circumstances especially in conflict and unrest areas such as for refugees rehabilitation, repatriation and safety.
  • Dismantle the vicious circle of poverty and exploitation of women by identifying and diagnosing the socio-economic environment of countries, communities and localities such that women can rightfully live a dignified and noble life.
  • Converge to open Women Information Service Centres for women for information about their rights and entitlements
  • Coordinate to provide international and domestic market linkages of women by chambers of commerce and industries made products by women self- help groups and collectives.
  • Create gender sensitization amongst communities and at work places to inculcate a spirit of dignity for women and to prevent their exploitation  
  • Inculcate a spirit of self-esteem among women by sharing success and empowerment stories and experiences across the world.
  • Create local emergency response mechanisms for women in crisis by community support and gender sensitization for the same
  • Promote cultural exchange of women products for livelihood generation, promotion of cultural heritage and peace amongst nations.
  • Undertake development of safety nets for eliminating all forms and types of violence against women.
  • Raise awareness amongst communities and localities for eliminating trafficking in persons and preventing violence against of women.
  • Undertake region-specific campaigns such as “Save the Girl Child Campaign”, “International Day of the Girl Child”.
  • Encourage volunteers and donors and to imbibe amongst them all gender sensitivity and respect for women and children
  • Build and strengthen partnerships through National Institutions, global partners, volunteers, non-government organizations, civil society members and institutions and citizens across all member states and nationalities
  • Implement the UN-WOMEN Goals and agenda for women empowerment
  • Observe, Report and address the issues and challenges faced by women either through man-made and natural disasters
  • Ensure safe rehabilitation, repatriation, rescue, relief and re-entry for women in areas of conflict and refugee exodus
  • Provide medical aid to women in crisis through facilitation, diplomacy and gender sensitization
  • Raise a cadre of volunteers and professionals for safeguarding women rights across the world and their awareness generation
  • Generating, publishing and creating IEC Material of ace academic standards and quality information dissemination on women empowerment by use of mass media, social networking and all other available modes
  • Providing a conduit of cultural exchange for women across nationalities for awareness generation on women empowerment through cultural and creative modes such as folklore and tradition
  • Providing platforms for income and livelihood generation through domestic and international market linkages with collaboration with various chambers of industry and commerce and women entrepreneurship development especially on women generated products
  • Strengthen service delivery mechanisms for awareness generation on women empowerment.
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