Diana Irina Boanca
Miss Bikni International

• Executive Committee Member "IAHF".
• Global Leader "We for WE Campaign"
South America

Born on 27th September 1988 in Cluj-Napca, Romania... heart of Transilvania in a big family with two elder brothers,she being the little kid of the family. As a child she had a happy life, between school and holidays which often were spend with her grandparents in country side. Around 5th grade she discover dance and start practice the Romanian National Dance in a known folklore club from the city. Later after she grow a little, she fall in love with basketball being the captain of the school team and playing also for a professional local team call "CSS Vitorul" was a great time of her life!

Dance always was in her heart so later she went back to it starting choreography in high school and practice till graduation of University.

She study and graduate in 2010 from University Babes Bolvai FSPAC Department of Communication and Public Relationship.

"When she was small was thinking to become a english teacher.... but in the end God choose to put a crown on her head, which changed her life."

Since she was little she always felt that she want to do big things... In small steps God is giving her this chance!! When she won the big title of an International Beauty Patent (MBI) her "voice" grow. She always liked helping others but the real charity work she started in 2011 when she visit India for Healthy Kids Happy Kids Foundation... was a life changing!!

Since 2011 she spend most of my time in China working for MBI Company, catwalks, TV Shows, Events and Shoots and of course as much as she can charity Work!.

Now her biggest wish is the success of our new project "We for WE" and hope 2014 will bring "Life Changes" for many people, women and girls.