Alexandra Urcan
MBA, Marketing Expert, Romania

• Marketing Advisor "Global Campaign We for WE"

Alexandra is currently working as a Marketing Specialist at a multinational IT services company. Prior to her work in the marketing industry she was mainly involved in various NGOs and local community initiatives for education, entrepreneurial development, young people empowerment and charity causes for people in need.

Alexandra received her Bachelor of Business Administration and Cum Laude in Marketing Masters. Her bachelor year of studies were marked as an important context to grow her ideas and develop as young women, aiming to see the full picture of having a successful career and long term perspectives. As a representative and leader of the faculty students association, she started several projects aiming for raising the importance and power of young people in the local community. That period was represented by the passion of building ideas with a team of visionary young people.

She continued her studies in Master of Business Administration, and after the first year of studies, she followed the courses of an international Master in the Netherlands. In 2012 she graduated Cum Laude in Marketing Masters at Erasmus University Rotterdam and she returned back to Romania to continue her plans in a society, which she believes, it really needs the support for building the future of next generations.

As young, her vision in life was not to survive, but to thrive to make a change for herself and the community she is living in, to make things with passion and compassion; Things that really matter for the world we live in.