Jennifer Schell de Herrera
Miss Tourism of the Millenium, Venezuela 2007

Representative "We for WE" Venezuela Chapter

Former beauty constest queen; currently a mother and wife. Is a woman passionated about gender equality issues and women empowerment. With international work experience in Africa; and in her homeland Venezuela as also a tv and radio host. Fluent in English, spanish and french.

Her passion for female issues began at the university after writting her thesis called “Deshojando A Margarita – Plucking a Margarita flower”, A thoughtful study with gender perspective. Feminist Novel presented as a working for a BA Degree in Political Science (In waiting to be published)  currently she will be presenting her recent work called “New logical significance of the role of women in the armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo” Thesis for the Master in International Relations; this work explains, describes and characterizes the role of women in the armed conflict through the study of reports issued by the different agencies of the United Nations, African Union and various governmental and non-governmental organizations.

She consideres herself as capable, honest, enterprising, enthusiastic, creative, dynamic and responsible person with many facilities for public relations.

For Jennifer; We for We global campign represent a big opportunity to learn, but also to work towards women empowerment, and reach gender equality. Be part of the team, is not only a honor, it represents a commitment that Im ready to asume!

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