Dr. Jupaka Madhavi
Gender Expert-National & International Affairs

Gender Expert        

Dr.Jupaka Madhavi is an Academician, Scientist, IT/Geomatic Systems, Socio-Economic, Environmental, Gender Expert and Human Rights pioneer. At National Resource Centre for Women/National Mission for Empowerment of Women (NMEW),Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, she is currently working for the empowerment of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups and Women in Difficult Circumstances.

She is into innovating various success models to mainstream High-Tech Geographical Information Systems for Socio-economic Regional Development, Environment and Homeland Security.She is an expert in Geostrategy and Geopolitics in the field of Asymmetric warfare and combating Narcotrafficing across the North Indian land border. Her initiatives include building a dialogue "sans frontier" with various statespersons, scholars, professionals, students and individuals to brainstorm to bring Cultural Revival initiatives towards peace and economic empowerment.

She is a true Gandhian and is pioneering self-reliance at Gram Panchayat Level to promote village industries and handicrafts.She has extensively travelled in India at Himalayan altitudes of 6500 meters above mean sea level to feel the cultural fabric and lifestyles of India. She has also trodded in the remotest areas in North East India and various tribal, rain-shadow, forested and geographically challenged areas in India. She has formerly been a faculty member of Delhi University and also served a stint as a Sub-Committee Member in National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). She believes that an empowered woman contributes towards making an empowered nation. She has been actively involved in drug –deaddiction campaigns in opiate consuming areas of India especially in Garhshankar Block , Hoshiarpur district , Punjab,India  where she runs a clinic with a dedicated team under the National AIDS Control Organization’s NACP-IV Project.

As a gender expert,catalyst/change agent, at NMEW, her focus is to be a part of India's socio-economic freedom struggle ensuring that India becomes a developed country much faster than expected!! She has recently been nominated as a Grassroots Women Leader in India by USA under 3rd Indo-US Bilateral dialogue for women empowerment.

Core Strengths:

Regional Development, GIS/GPS-Based Cylone/Fire Risk Mitigation Information System, Glacier Melting Information System, Homeland Security Information Systems, Machine-to Machine Automation systems, Legal Aid etc.

At present she at NMEW is striving to contribute her academic expertia, translate her views, thoughts and dialogues to achieve sustainable and clinching development towards women empowerment in India.

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