Babli Gambhir

Chairperson "We for WE"
        Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) Chapter        

An ambidexterous lady fighting attitudinal segregation as a result of short hands,Miss Gambhir turned the tables an societat prejudice by excelling in a profession that required perpetual use of her hands : The beauty profession.

Today she is called “GIRL WITH GOLDEN HANDS”. Babli Gambhir could have chosen to become a lecturer but she was firm that it was her hands that would provide the “magic touch”. She thus did a beauty course and opened a beauty parlour- one of the very first in a small town like Jaora.

In doing so, she had to look beyond an orthopedic impairment and the attitude of a society that was male-dominated and conservative on gender issues. The youngest of eight siblings, Babli was born her arms half formed, her elbow joint missing and some fingers fused. She had two fingers fuctioning in one hand and three in the other. Her condition left even her own mother baffled on how to get her daughter to learn the use of hands. In fact, her parents were adviced to bury her off in her own interest!

However, her doting father did not see Babli’s hands as an impairment and encouraged her to develop its use and to gain maximum dexterity and control. Her father bought her a dholak at a time when her hands could barely reach them. With perseverance, Babli managed to play the instrument. That was the first achievement that motivated her to try to accomplish anything with her hands. Her father, to whom Babli attributes much of her success, taught Babli an important lesson-“ the need to dream big”.

Outside of her house however, her hands were perpetually comment upon and even mocked. Babli could have easily become emotionally scarred and disillusioned for life, but the support of her father kept her going throughout her childhood. She lost her father when she was 8 year old and was devastated. She was soon sent away to a larger town to study. There she did not thrive and returned after a SSC, with a feeling of inferiority and total worthlessness. Things changed for her when her sister took her under her wing and Babli began to discover that her ‘deformed hands’ were in fact capable of much beauty. Her sister was the next person to stand by her to persue her dreams.

She completed her MA in English literature. Then she found her true calling in the beauty business. She had the conviction and self belief to train in beauty services. This was transformed through, something that really required dexterous use of hands. Thus began Babli’s road towards success ..She is thankfull to God for giving so many jewels for her crown and those are as below:

1 - PRESIDENTIAL AWARD, 3rd Dec. 2013, DELHI (Out standing creative adult) - National

2 - WOMAN PRIDE AWARD, 1st April 2014 Mumbai by madhuri Dixit Nene - National

3 - BHASKAR WOMAN OF THE YEAR , 15 July 2011 Indore - National

4 - CAVINKARE ABILITY MASTERY AWARD,19th Feb. 2011 Chennai - National

5 - RAYMONDS GROUP SUNITI DEVI SINGHANIA AWARD, 9th Dec. 2011, Mumbai - National